For me, the practice of yoga and meditation is about finding balance in the physical body as well as in the mind and spirit to achieve an optimal state of being. These ancient disciplines teach us to be present in each moment and to find the pause between each breath so we can respond to situations rather than react.  They contribute to peak performance in all aspects of life.

I first discovered yoga over two decades ago as a corporate lawyer at a leading New York law firm seeking to alleviate stress and achieve a more balanced life-style.  My commitment to the practice deepened as I transitioned from the practice of law to become a senior executive in the international luxury fashion industry.  When I left the corporate world  in 2003 to pursue my passion for acting and singing, I once again saw that the discipline of yoga and meditation was a valuable tool I could draw upon to enhance my performance and my life. My Bio

It was my experience of how the ancient science of yoga and meditation were transforming my life that inspired me to become a teacher.

My goal is to share these simple, yet profound tools for leading a balanced, more mindful existence with people from all walks of life.

I invite you to explore my site to learn more about my teaching and to visit it regularly for interesting articles and insights about the benefits of yoga, meditation and living a more mindful life, one breath at a time.

“There is no end to self-development.  It’s work, step by step.  The gift of yoga is you don’t have to jump to the top of the ladder.  Take the first step.  Don’t worry about the last step. What presents itself to you is the next step.  Then the next step becomes obvious.  But if you try to figure out how to get to the top, you may become discouraged and go away.”  — Gary Kraftsow, “Yoga for Self-Transformation”


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  1. This is fabulous, Patrice! I am going to spread the word at every opportunity! Love the quote, too! It is wisdom for daily life!

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